Blu Ginger
5 Genge St
Civic, Canberra CBD

Dining in groups at an Indian restaurant always gives everyone so many more food options to share doesn't it?

Blu Ginger has had a few ups and downs recently but we'd always liked their food before so we gave them another shot. It was certainly a good decision.

We started with the seekh kebab. A single serve of this is three pieces of charcoal grilled lamb mince marinated with exotic herbs and spices served with mint sauce and costs $10.90. Very tasty and juicy. We then moved on to the old favourite of chicken tikka. This comes with three pieces of tender chicken fillet (and it was tender too) marinated in yoghurt, tandoori spices and cooked in the tandoor. This costs $11.90.

Next up were some very interesting steamed dumplings - not something I've normally seen at Indian restaurants. They were a special and had pork mince in them and came in a serving of six for $12.90.
For our mains we started with the tried and true butter chicken. The meat dissolved and the sauce was succulent. It was very nice. The butter chicken costs $17.90.
We then moved on to lamb rogan josh - a mild lamb curry that comes from North India and  has a thick rich gravy with fresh tomatoes and a garnish of coriander. This was again very tasty and cost $18.90.

The Bombay beef looked like a good choice and it was. This is a house special of mild beef curry cooked with potatoes. It has a hint of fenugreek leaves (but I couldn't taste this) and cream. This dish costs $18.90 .
Our final main was a vegetarian option. We chose the kadai paneer - also from North India. This tasty serving is cooked roast capsicum, tomato and onion. It also has a semi dry masala sauce - but its hard to pick the masala over all the flavours it has. The dish costs $16.90 .
Naans and roti's cost around the $3.00 to $4.00 range depending on which ones you get. They were all tasty - and we tried plain naan, garlic naan and the plain roti.
Of course you have to have rice with Indian food to soak up all the lovely curry sauces. We had basmati safron rice which cost $3.00 per person.
Papadums are also $3.00 per serving and the accompanying cucumber yoghurt sauce (if you order it) is another $3.00 per serving. Many places give you the raita free with your meal.

Blu Ginger provided a very tasty meal. The surroundings are impacted by the HUGE ceilings but are nice, the service was fast and friendly and the value was solid too.

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