Gus Cafe
Shop 8 Garema Arcade

This place has been around since 1967 - the sign says this. Its a Canberra institution open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can eat inside or outside - but outside is by far the best spot. You can take in the busy Civic end of town as you enjoy a meal, snack or coffee.

Arriving for breakfast and feeling like muesli I ordered it - and this arrived (see picture). It was a combination of muesli, fruit, yoghurt and drizzled with honey. It was extremely tasty and quite filling. The combination of flavours and textures went really well.
The coffee at Gus is really good. Possibly not the best ever but better than plenty of places.

Muesli, coffee and an extra hot chocolate came to $20 - so its not dirt cheap but it was decent in both quality and quantity.

Gus Cafe has been around for a long while - so it must be doing something right. The food is tasty and there are interesting combinations. Its well worth a visit.

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