Apple Bar
Bells Line of Road

Our trip back home took us through Bilpin so we decided to stop for a snack at the Apple Bar. Its an interesting place serving as a bar, cafe and restaurant all in one.

Its decor is nice and the service is fast and friendly. They have a good range of food for meals but we wanted something light so after seeing a pizza on a nearby table and admiring it we chose one to share.

We selected the sopressa pizza - tomato, provolone dolce and sopressa salami. It was delicious. We really enjoyed it - such a great combination of flavours - it was a great pizza with plenty of toppings too. For $26.00 it wasn't cheap but it was fresh and delicious.
As we were in Bilpin we decided to pass on t5he coffee and each had a glass of Rays apple juice. Wow - thanks Ray - its great stuff. The serving size was excellent and the taste was so refreshing! It was $6.50 a glass.

The Apple Bar is a really interesting place to stop for a bite, a meal or a drink while travelling.

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