Milk & Honey
29 Garema Place

Milk & Honey is a quirky place with lots of different nooks to sit in and savour some treats or a good coffee.

Its popular by day for a break but it gets quite busy in the evenings and at night. Its outdoor area is always grabbed first so if you're chasing this then get there early or just hope for some good luck.
As a late night dessert spot it also has plenty to offer. There is a dessert display inside and the variety is good. The baked lemon tart with cream for $8.50 is good. The serving size was decent and the fresh cream in its own little container was nice. It was well presented and tasted great.
Coffee here is good. It comes quickly and is well made and full of flavour. A small cup costs $3.50 which is about normal for the area.

Milk & Honey is a quirky place with decent opening hours and a good variety of food and drinks to satisfy anyone.

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