Malaysian Desserts

Our journey through Malaysian food, both in restaurants and at home, brought us to the inevitable place of dessert. We wanted to try to put a Malaysian flavour to some more local sweets for some of our friends. The challenge was - what?

After some soul searching we decided upon pandan.

Pandan is a type of plant very common across Asia and it is used frequently in Malaysian desserts and drinks. The green leaves are ground into a paste that is both sweet and fragrant.

We started with a pandan cake - not that unique as pandan is often used for this. It's a delicate matter making though as the cake is extremely light and can easily collapse.

We simply used a recipe from the Internet - and fortunately it worked!

We also decided to use some of the cake mix for some pandan cupcakes. Was this successful - they were. We do think it works slightly better though in a larger cake but they were just as tasty.

For the larger cake we decided to ice it with pandan icing as well - to keep the theme going. 

We had plenty of pandan cake. Trifle seemed like a good use for some of it.

Pandan Trifle - a first for us - but so easy. We simply mixed chunks of our green cake with scoops of jelly, dollops of whipped cream, fresh strawberries and for added texture some marshmallows.

We dressed the dish with some crumbled Flake for effect - and some added chocolatey taste.

We did buy some extra treats as well. In our journeys we discovered several Malaysian jelly pods and puddings. They were inexpensive and so we grabbed them. The mango flavour was by far the most popular.

Sir and Mlady's Malaysian Desserts was supported by the Malaysian Kitchen Programme.