Menulog - Curry Connection Indian Cuisine

We were recently given the opportunity to try Menulog for the first time courtesy of the nice people at Menulog (thanks Josh!). We decided to do this with a group while we were at a friends place for a catch up.

We never realised how easy it was.

We went to the Menulog web site and entered the suburb we were in. Instantly a whole batch of nearby restaurants appeared on the screen. We were then able to sort by availability on that day of the week - a Sunday - and whether we were picking it up or having it delivered.

We chose Indian by a simple vote among the group - then we easily sorted again by nearby Indian Restaurants listed, that delivered on Sundays. We had a few choices, looked at their menu's online and chose Curry Connection in Hornsby.

Then it's as easy as choosing your dishes, how many serves you want and any extra's.

We were all pretty hungry so we ordered plenty - and choosing was the biggest (in fact the only) challenge of this whole exercise.

Once complete we had the chance to check our order, confirm it and pay. Delivery was only $3 - which seemed a bargain but some places even deliver free on Menulog for orders over a certain amount.

We instantly received a confirmation of our order with a confirmation number. We also received an SMS again confirming the order, with the reference number, an expected delivery time and a contact number. It was extremely efficient and easy.

And of course our food arrived as planned. The first thing we did was check to see if it was all there - and it was. It was all still hot too. We then set it out and dug in. Of course we had over-ordered - but we do that a lot. All this meant was plenty of left-overs for the next days lunch - woo hoo!

Was Menulog easy - yes. Would we use it again - yes (and in fact we have already at another friends place!)


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