Pizza Autentico
15 Brisbane St
Surry Hills, Sydney

It's a simple but very effective concept - $20 for unlimited pizza and pasta for two hours (or for lunches it's only $15 for an hour and a half). You always wonder about these types of deals - is it to good to be true, will the food taste any good and will there be much of it?

Well the answer to all these questions with Pizza Autentico is resoundingly positive. When they first opened there may have been a few teething problems - but they're gone now.  It's a great deal, the food was delicious and we could barely move when we left - and all the other people there were saying the same things.

It's tucked away down Brisbane St in Surry Hills but it's so close to the CBD it's worth the short stroll to get there and indulge.

There's a ground floor area and an upstairs space as well - and we were on the ground floor, seated at a huge concrete table that would probably hold around 40 people. It's communal dining but perfect for this type of experience.

Soon after arriving a platter of goodies arrives for each group. It had black olives, black olive pesto and olive oil - a trilogy of olive products! The house baked bread was lovely and went well.

Then the main food started arriving - one dish after the other. All you do is sit there and food keeps appearing. There are about ten pizza's and around five different pastas and most if not all will be offered to you during your evening meal. A number of dishes even arrived a second time! Pictured below are some of the ones we tried. The pizza's all had a lovely thin traditional base, a flavoursome sauce and tasty toppings. The pasta's were all al dente and also tasted great. It's good food here!

After a nice bottle of 2012 Leonardo Chianti from Tuscany, and so many main course servings, we moved on to the optional extra of dessert tasters.

We had a honey walnut pannacotta that was amazing - it was silky underneath and topped with a rich mix of walnuts flooded with sweet honey.

Our other taster was a lovely rich chocolate mousse topped with a generous pile of chocolate chunks.

Pizza Autentico is a fun way to have a meal. Sitting at the huge communal table is reminiscent of a big family meal in Italy - you even find yourselves chatting with your "neighbours" as the food and the banter flows effortlessly.

It's great food too - the pizza's were all very tasty and the pasta's were just as good! The quantity can't be faulted either - everyone in the room had so much - people were declining dishes they were so full - and we were the same. We wanted more because it all tasted so good - we just couldn't fit it in.

Service was fast and friendly - and it's much harder work for them as they have to keep bringing dishes around again and again and again. It's always cheerful though and fun to see whats being offered each time! Prices are extremely reasonable for the quantity and quality too!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Pizza Autentico. Special thanks to Charmaine, Lorenzo, Jonny and Ryan for looking after us so well and delivering so much tasty food to everyone! Thanks also to Tiffany Vuong and Jai Evans of Evans Media for arranging our visit.

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