Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
96 Liverpool St
Sydney CBD

This place has become all the rage lately so it seemed appropriate to check it out and see what all the fuss was about. People have been raving about the Taiwanese fried chicken breast available here - and not just its taste but the size of the piece you get! It's supposed to be bigger than your hand - and it actually is that big! We ordered a selection to share with a few others and we tried the large fried chicken - which was delicious, the curly fries - which were delicious as well and finally the mushrooms - which were nice.

There's often a queue at Hot Star but it's well worth the short wait to grab some of their tasty treats!

So how big is their chicken fillet? Is it really bigger than your hand or do you just need a small hand?

This picture doesn't actually show the size of the piece in perspective - but it was huge.

The chicken was probably around 20cm long and around 12cm wide - so a pretty big piece!

It was cooked perfectly too - nice and crisp on the outside and beautifully moist and tender inside the crunchy crumbed outer coating.

We had to queue to order, then we were given a number and waited till it was called, when our food was ready. It wasn't to long though and was worth it.

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