Just Desserts
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Merivale put on so many foodie events there's always something happening. As part of March into Merivale (which runs until nearly mid April) they recently held a dessert only evening called "Just Desserts!" inside Establishment.

Clearly from the crowds there it was a great idea.

The concept was simple - dessert stations were set up from a range of Merivale venues. You bought a ticket for $45.00 that got you the equivalent of six tokens. Most desserts were one token - but a few were two. A range of wines were also available for one token as well.

With venues like est., Ms G's, Mr Wong, Lorraine's Patisserie and Merivale Events Pastry it wasn't a surprise that this was so popular.

From Merivale events pastry we had the hazelnut and valrhona gianduja chocolate bar - grue de cacao and salted caramel. It was very rich and full flavoured, perfect for the sweeter tooth!

Also from Merivale Events Pastry we had the nitro lemon squash and soda - lemon soda, crushed meringue and citrus salad. This was part dessert and part show creating a lovely dessert with crunch and tang.

From Ms G's we both tried "The Sundae" with vanilla ice cream, peanuts, raspberry jam, honeycomb and chocolate fudge. This was rich and nutty with fruity flavours from the jam. We were very keen to try the hot banana, nutella and salted caramel spring roll with freeze dried raspberry powder but sadly they were so popular we would have had to wait - and we had no willpower.

est. had three options as well - valrhona manjari chocolate tart with eucalyptus caramel; hazelnut parfait with apricot honey compote and fresh thyme; and finally white peach and black fig with yellow box honey mousse and orange caramel sauce.

From Mr Wong we both had the strawberry ice cream, jasmine yoghurt, black sesame, peanuts and strawberries. It was a lovely refreshing dessert with enough sweetness to appropriately finish most meals.

Finally from Lorraine's Patisserie there was the cassata ice cream in a chocolate cone and Lorraine's peach Melba. Both were great but the peach Melba was my favourite - somewhat surprisingly as the cassata was nice and chocolaty.

The desserts available at "Just Desserts" show that you're guaranteed a nice finish to any meal you have at these Merivale restaurants. 

Sir and Mlady attended "Just Desserts" as guests of Merivale. 

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