Tiffin at The Langham (Globe Bar)
89-113 Kent St
Millers Point, Sydney

Going into the Globe Bar at the Langham is like stepping back in time - in such a good way. It has old world charm and sophistication. The world just seems to stop as you partake of Tiffin at the Langham and indulge in these wonderful delicacies in timber panelled surroundings.

It's such a lovely way to spoil or treat yourself once in a while and not just for a special occasion. We all deserve to feel like a King or Queen from time to time.

High Tea here - or Tiffin as they call it at the Langham - has been around for a long time. It's a large room that stretches for quite a distance and it has nicely spread out tables and chairs that ooze old world elegance.

We started our afternoon tea with a glass of Laurent-Perrier Rosé Champagne each. We both agreed that this was something we could easily get used to if given half the chance!

It was superb - Mlady particularly loved it and it's become her new best friend. Hic.

This is a seriously good drop.

Soon our three tiered stand of tasty treats arrived. It looked spectacular and it was all explained in detail to us so we knew what was there to devour.

The bottom tier had sandwiches - all with the crusts removed. We had two each of cucumber, watercress and ricotta on country white bread; free range chicken breast and herb mayonnaise on wheat bread; pastrami, asparagus, homemade tomato and mustard chutney on light rye bread and finally Tasmanian smoked salmon crepe with chive cream cheese.

They were all extremely tasty and extremely fresh as well. The bread was so soft and the fillings were beautifully done. Mlady loved them all and didn't have a favourite. I wasn't far behind but always love anything with smoked salmon and these crepes were good.

The middle tier had scones - lovely fresh steaming scones.

There were again two each - surprise surprise - of both golden raisin and plain scones.

They came with a pot of homemade strawberry jam and another of double cream - delish! Warm scones are such a nice part of a good afternoon tea aren't they?

The top tier had all the sweet goodies there and it looked amazing with so many colours and so much variety. It again had two each of lime crème brulèe, strawberry tart with vanilla crème patissiere, opera cake, French macarons, white chocolate cupcakes with pink buttercream icing and finally traditional New York baked cheesecake. Mlady is a brulee aficionado and loved this - but also loved the macarons. For me it was the delicate cupcakes - they were extremely light and fluffy and the buttercream icing hit the spot. 

There's a great selection of different tea's available. Mlady had ‘The Langham’ breakfast tea and I had the Assam long leaf tea from India. Both arrived in large Wedgwood teapots with enough in each for several cups. In fact all the plates, cups and bowls were all Wedgwood.

Mlady is a big tea drinker and whilst I'm not this was perfect with the goodies we were consuming and they were delicious teas.

Tiffin at The Langham is traditional English high tea. The ambiance reminded Mlady of an old show she had seen years ago called "Tom's Midnight Garden". It truly was like stepping back in time - and the service was as you would have expected in an English manor as well. It was subtle, understated and very efficient. Everything just seemed to happen when it needed to. We loved it all at Tiffin - it was a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of The Langham. Special thanks to Samira Cherry for arranging our visit.

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