Gourmet Life
60 New South Head Rd
Edgecliff, Sydney 2027

What can we say about this amazing place that doesn't sound like a cliche. It's a true gem that people should take the time to visit. It's a mecca of gourmet food. Everything is beautifully displayed and the unique range of top quality goods here will astound you. Gourmet Life reflects the passion and experience of its owner - Josh Rea.

Josh Rea supplies quality produce to some of the top restaurants in Sydney and chefs such as Peter Gilmore, Peter Doyle and Matt Moran.

The range here is amazing as is the quality. He originally started with quality vanilla and saffron but this range has expanded significantly over the years.

Josh also has an incredible range of the world's finest black caviar, truffles and wild mushrooms. These are the largest in Australia and they are only available through Gourmet Life.

And lets not forget the huge variety of oils, salts, peppers, spices, coffee, pasta, sauces, vinegars and a range of gift boxes which is ideal - this stuff makes great presents!

The hazelnuts here are amazing. Yes you've tried hazelnuts before - but none like these. They were the best hazelnuts we've ever tried in our entire lives! The hazelnuts are from Nocciole d'Etite in Italy. The owner of Ferrero Rocher buys these nuts for private customers and for themselves. Not a bad recommendation!

You can also buy Rome's oldest coffee label here - Sant'Eustachio - and even get a cup of it to sip as you marvel at the rest of the store. It's great coffee. We love our coffee and it was impressive!

You can buy a wide range of jams made by Moreno Cedroni - a two Michelin star chef. These tasty treats are in hand-made stackable Venetian glass jars. They taste fantastic as well - and you can sample almost everything here in the store - just ask. 

They have some great flavours as well. Try strawberry lemon thyme or tangerine and organic fig with violets or pink grape fruit marmalade or one of the sauces - like their mustard sauce.

The huge variety of products from A L'Olivier is also worth trying as well.

They have oils, chutneys, pastas, mustards and vinegars.

They look so colourful and are packed with flavour. We tried so many we were on cloud nine.

These goodies would make perfect gifts as well - if you can resist the urge to use them yourself.

We saw and tasted the oils from Spanish producer Pepa Olivar. The oils were beautiful and so were the bottles they were in. You'll certainly want to keep these bottles forever. This oil was also the winner of the best flavoured olive oil in Spain in 2012.

There are oils from Galateo and friends as well. Yet again these are full of flavour and surprisingly good value at the same time. Galateo supply furnishings to Armani and Versace hotels but it's their oil you need to try here.

They supply oil exclusively to Alain Ducasse in each of his three Michelin star restaurants - and you can buy it and use it at home!

However for something even more unique you can grab a silver bottle of their oil for a mere $99 - which is great value for both the oil and the bottle.

However the oil in standard bottles costs much less and tastes the same!

Gourmet Life is an amazing gourmet food shop. The spectacular quality of the products here will astound you - it did for us! The prices are surprisingly reasonable as well - especially since the fresh produce is air freighted to Australia to maintain its quality. You get to try almost everything here as well - which is an added bonus as it's delicious. Gourmet Life has a small warehouse feel to it but it's much more personal than this. Josh and his team - Darius (store manager) and Elena - will gladly explain their products to you. You can also buy full and high quality meal kits here as well such as pasta meals or paella.

This is a must visit store for any food lover!

Sir and Mlady visited Gourmet Life as guests of Josh Rea and arranged by Harriet Granger of Evans Media.

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