Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Lane
Melbourne CBD

Cumulus is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it's a busy and very popular place. We were breakfasting there and were lucky to get a table promptly - possibly because we were really brunching and had missed the busy breakfast period.

There are two long bars on either side of the room with seats - and in the middle of the room are the smaller tables.

The ever healthy - or healthier - Mlady, chose the toasted honey granola and poached rhubarb with vanilla yoghurt.

It looked good - with the fruit and yoghurt separate from the granola so you can choose how you combine it all. It also came with a side jug of milk.

It was good value at $10.00 and a tasty start to the day.

I liked the sound of the Pyengana chedar and smoked ham toasted sandwich with pickled green tomato. It was one of the more expensive menu items for breakfast at $16.00 and wasn't huge in size but it was full of flavour. The pickled green tomato was a lovely addition adding some kick to the meal and going well with everything else on the plate.

Cumulus had nice food. The service was a bit slow as we waited over 30 minutes for our food and quite a while for our coffee (which had nice flavour and aroma but wasn't overly hot). It was good - but not great. It would be interesting to see what their other meals are like for lunch and dinner.

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