21 Wentworth St
Parramatta, Sydney

We came, we saw, we failed. Sadly some of our biggest disappointments happen when we actually bother to plan ahead. In this case we'd decided a week ago to head to Parramatta to Circa for a Sunday brunch. We'd heard good things about this cosy place tucked away in a quiet laneway.

We even pre-selected our meals from the menu on their web site.
Mlady had chosen the breakfast granola with poached rhubarb, berries, natural yoghurt and honey ($11.00) . She was especially  looking forward to the rhubarb.
I had chosen the avocado, fetta, ricotta and green pea mash with smoked ocean trout on sourdough toast ($14.00) - the combination sounded great.

We even checked their web site and facebook page. While the web site indicates they are open on weekdays its clear from their facebook page and a number of  reviews that they are open on weekends. We got there and it was closed. Other customers were there as well and also left equally confused. Much later when we walked past again someone was there but they still weren't open.

I also heard from someone else that they went to Circa in January and found that they were closed till early February. They said their web site made no mention of being closed at all.

I hope for Circa's sake that nothing major has gone wrong. Nobody wishes that on any business and unforeseen events do happen from time to time that cause disruption. However, if you have simply changed your operating days or hours you do need to update your information as you now have a number of confused and disappointed customers.

We may be back - eventually - if we're sure its open.

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