Mars Hill Cafe
331 Church St

Mars Hill Cafe has a kind of bohemian feel to it. You could imagine poetry readings, deep discussions and of course acoustic singing performances - but they actually have the last of these on most nights of the week even though the place isn't very big. I was after breakfast and the outdoor seating looked appealing on a fine weekend morning. 

I grabbed a breakfast burrito described in the menu as a delicious jumble of scrambled eggs, bacon, potato, cheese salsa and shallots wrapped up in a tortilla. The concept wasn't bad and the quantity was decent but the sauces weren't my favourite part.

The coffee on the other hand was excellent and this was further evidenced by the number of people going inside to simply grab a take-away.

Mars Hill Cafe would be an interesting place in the evening. It has a limited menu but good coffee and plenty of atmosphere. It also has an upstairs area.

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