Three Beans
Westfield Hornsby
Hornsby, Sydney

Just inside the main entrance to Westfield Hornsby off the mall near the water clock is Three Beans. Its nicely tucked in under the escalator going up to the cinemas and food court but still very out in the open.

Three Beans is a coffee shop serving breakfast, lunch, coffee and cakes. It also has a bit of an organic/free range theme to it as well - with organic jam, organic bananas, free range eggs, free range bacon, free range ham, free range chicken, organic coffee and organic
tea on the menu.

I was flying solo and desperately trying to be good so despite the temptations I resisted and just ordered a mug of coffee. Now I know its all about the coffee but the mug itself was impressive. It was large enough to actually be a mug and the large flat curved handle
made it extremely easy to hold. The coffee itself was very nice too. Good flavours and aroma, good temperature and not burned. The mug cost $4.70 - not bad for its size.

After looking at the menu I'm quite keen to try the food here now. The seating area does seem a bit exposed but the range looks good and the service matched this.

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