Kura Kura Japanese Casual Dining
Shop 3, 76 Ultimo Rd
Sydney, NSW 2000  

Kura Kura has a decent reputation for good food at reasonable prices. They have a few restaurants around the place but this seems to be their main one - or first one at least. As it was near where I was and it was lunch time it seemed to be logical to grab something and give it a try. Its a small place right on the corner. You go in and order at the front counter. You can eat in or take away - but there's not much room to eat there to be honest. I chose take away.
I chose the karage chicken set. It came with miso soup, quite a few good sized pieces (with your choice of sauces - I chose sweet chilli) and some salad.

The chicken was excellent. The meat was tender and tasty and had certainly not dried out. The sauce was tangy without overpowering it. The salad also went well.
The miso soup was decent stuff - but its hard to do this terribly anyway.

Kura Kura has nice food, well prepared, quick service, promptly provided food and decent prices. Its a good place for a quick and solid lunch.

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