Ribs and Rumps
11 Talavera Rd
Macquarie Park, Ryde

This is a surprisingly big place which wraps around the kitchen area. Its also so hard to get parking there - you may fluke a close one but if not be prepared for a walk! Its a carnivores delight though - a true meat market! Once you arrive you see lots of meat - its everywhere. This meal was for boy wonders birthday.
My choice was the full rack of pork ribs (described as lean and tender). I was thinking of the half rack but said I was hungry and this was suggested. It was HUUUUGE. This was a very big plate - and the ribs hung over each side. They were very nice though - with tender meat that had a nice tangy marinade. The ribs sat on a bed of crispy chips. This was the meal. It cost $49.95 but you get a lot for this price.
S, another good carnivore, had the beef ribs and lamb ribs plus a delicious 220g Rump steak. The pictures are deceptive here as they are big plates and its a good sized serving. The meat comes with either chips, mash or salad. Most in our group pigged out and had the chips. This meal was prepared to order and was well cooked, substantial and tasty. It cost $42.95.
Boy wonder and his lady love chose the beef ribs and lamb ribs plus a 400gm rump steak to share - but I think he could have eaten most of it himself (and probably did). It was another big meal that took a lot of work to finish. They advised that the meat was well cooked and was tender and tasty. This cost $49.95.
The singing star chose the chicken burger, which was described in the menu as succulent chicken breast basted in our signature
basting. The burger came with fresh lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion and gherkins, although the singing star left a few of these out by choice. The burger, like everything else her, was big. He fancies himself as a burger expert and said it was a good one. It cost $16.95. 
M went for a more simple meal and chose the 220 gm rump steak with salad. Such control and restraint didn't go unnoticed! Whilst this looks small due to the plate size it again was decent serving. The steak was tasty and tender and came with an additional sauce - which added around $3.00 extra I think. The steak alone cost $21.95.
The wreckage from just my full rack of pork ribs was huge.

A bottle of Patchwork Barossa Shiraz went down well. It cost around $58.00 I think.

Ribs and Rumps is a carnivores pleasure. Its not fancy but it is a lot of well prepared meat that tastes very good. We enjoyed it.

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