Infuzion Restaurant
(inside Sebel Kirkton Park)
Broke Rd
Pokolbin, Hunter Valley

Yes I know that hotel restaurants are always ok - but often just ok. This one was better than that though. The food was well prepared, good quantities and the presentation was excellent. The service was solid too. It was a pleasant find.

Main one was the papardelle. It appeared smaller than it actually was. The ingredients were extremely fresh - lifting the dish from good to very good.
The 200 gm black Angus looked smallish on the menu but appeared larger than this in real life. The accompanying jus was also well prepared too. Another good menu item.
M'lady is a fan of crispy skinned salmon and said this was a good one. The met underneath was still tender and juicy while the skin was crispy and succulent. The combinations all went well together too.
We decided on a classic Hunter wine - the 2009 McWilliams Mt Pleasant Philip Hermitage which was about $46.00. Its a tried and proven drop.

 Check out this dessert - called chocolate symphony! Not only was it a great assortment of chocolate themed goodies but the hard chocolate music notes on the plate added so much charm and flair. As Mlady cant resist chocolate this was always going to be her choice.
I love a brulee (as does Mlady) so the lime brulee was always going to be my choice. The presentation was again well done and the flavours excellent.
The sticky date pudding with toffee was again appealing and delicious. They have a certain style here that has a bot of wow to it.
We finished the night with a bottle of botrytis to accompany our desserts. At $50.00 for the bottle it was very pleasant and a nice way to finish a nice meal.

Infuzion is a surprisingly good restaurant. The food quality, and quantity is very good, the presentation excellent and the service good as well. The decor is pleasant. Its worth finding!

The entrance floor - impressive

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