Pellegrini's Espresso Bar
Bourke St
Melbourne CBD

This place is a bit like going back in time. Its a bit like a blend of a 1950's milkbar and a European cafe. At first it seems like this is all by accident then it becomes apparent that it all planned. The place has a nice atmosphere - and good coffee.
I was just passing by and needed caffeine so I dropped in. The coffee here is excellent. Strong with bold flavours and nice and hot.

I grabbed a cup there and sat at the bar. I felt like one of those old guys in a 1950's film - and it was like a trek back in time. The coffee slowly disappeared as I did into my historical dreams. Then I finished and moved back outside into the real world rushing by.

Pellegrini's is a nice place. The coffee is great and its got a decent food menu too although I didn't try any. The coffee was only $3.00 which was cheap too.

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