Froggies Patisserie
Cnr Broke & Ekerts Road
Glen Oak, Hunter Valley

Froggies is a great place to drop by and grab a tasty treat while you are in the Hunter Valley. It has an interesting selection of goodies that taste great and are reasonably priced. Its take away but that can often be a blessing when visiting wineries!

The chocolate macadamia tart was delicious. The pastry was a nice texture and the filling was indulgent. Thick chocolate paste filled with chunks of macadamia nuts. It was very rich but if you order this you expect that! The chocolate tart was $3.50.
The caramel macadamia tart was a lot like the chocolate one. Again a nice pastry (the same one) with an indulgent filling of caramel and macadamia nuts. This is not a treat for the calorie conscious! This co0st $3.50.
When at a French patisserie its hard not to try their croissants. These were actually quite nice with a nice texture and a great buttery taste. They were also a decent size too. They cost $2.50 each.
The apple danish was described by our eater as filling. There was plenty of nice juicy sweet apple inside a nice crisp light pastry outer. This looked and tasted great. It cost $3.50 (I think).
The lemon twist looked appealing in the display window - which was the key factor in getting it. It turned out to be a good decision. There was a nice tangy lemon flavour to it with the crispness expected of a twist of pastry. At only $1.00 each they are also good value.

Froggies is a great place to grab a snack to fuel you while you visit wineries in the Hunter Valley. The pastries are tasty, fresh and good value.

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