Deus Cafe
98 Parramatta Rd

This is a really nice place with a really nice feel. Its a motorbike themed place - from the large picture of a bike on the outside wall through to the actual bikes insde. Its a great feel. The table structure is larger communal but there are a few smaller ones around the walls that get grabbed quickly. I was taken there by Lisa and she chooses good eateries.
I chose the prosciutto with poached egg, grilled tomato and toasted brioche with truffle oil. It was on the board beside the servery and was around $16.00 (I think). There was a huge heap of prosciutto, the asparagus was crisp but cooked and the toasted brioche excellent. The grilled tomato was so sweet I could have eaten more!

Lisa chose the dill cured salmon and creamy scrambled eggs with toasted brioche. Again there was a really good pile of salmon and the eggs were extremely creamy. There's something about eggs and salmon together - they seem to go so well. This is a kind of eggs Benedict with a twist (and without the sauce). This also cost $16.00.
Deus Cafe is a great place to have a really decent meal. The all day breakfasts are delicious and the decor and atmosphere is unique and memorable.

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