Chat Thai
Level 6 Westfield
Sydney CBD

We're fans of Chat Thai so lets get that on the table straight away. We hadn't been to this one before though. It looks like a Chat Thai should look. The same colours and decor, the same menu, maybe not the same staff though and not the same kitchen. We enjoyed the food but it was slow - unusually slow and this was a bit annoying.

Our first choice was the khao na gai yaang - or grilled turmeric and lemongrass marinated chicken with smoked chilli and tamarind relish on rice. This was a meal on a plate basically. The chicken was very tender and the sauce was tangy and delicious. At only $12.50 this is very good value too.

Then we ordered the duck ba mee haeng bped - which is roasted duck with egg noodles. There was plenty of rich tender duck meat here and nice egg noodles with a small amount of juicy sauce at the bottom of the bowl. This dish was only $15.00 which is good for duck. 

Chat Thai Westfield was nice. The food was good and it has the usual Chat Thai decor. The service was friendly but the food was slow to come to the table. We still love Chat Thai - but we'll probably stick to our favourite at Haymarket.

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