Menya Mappen
Shop 11, 537-551 George St
Sydney CBD

This is a strange place - but you soon realise that its in a good way! You queue up to get to the counter then take a tray and move along - cafeteria style. After you get your food you pay at the other end of the counter and then go to your seat. It can be very busy there too.
I couldn't resist the udon noddles. They come is a delicious broth and there's a huge quantity of steaming goodness there. You can also opt for an egg top be cracked into the mix - which I clearly did - and it partly cooks in the broth.

Its a lovely combination that looks great and tastes just as good. The best part is that it only costs $6.50 - an absolute bargain.
Whilst the noodles may have been enough I couldn't resist at least one tempura. The prawn looked so good that it was my choice straight away - and at only $2.50 it was again cheap.

Menya Mappen is a great place for a hearty and cheap meal. If you can handle the cafeteria style servery then the food will reward you.

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