Koko Black
Bunda St

Its hard to resist a Koko Black chocolate shop isn't it? This one is always reasonably busy and for the first time ever I decided to grab a take away hot chocolate and a few goodies to share with some people. I have to confess - I wasn't even sure that they served take away - but after asking I found out that they do.
With so many great choices of chocolates where do you start? I have to confess I don't remember all the ones I chose - but they are (clockwise from bottom left) raspberry, cant remember (sorry), pistacio, chai, stout, salter caramel. Being a giving person I only had one - the stout. Hadn't tried this before and it was great - very thick and rich in flavour and texture. The chocolates were $1.95 each.
The take away hot chocolate is expensive here - $5.95 - but once you have that first sip you realise that it isn't any ordinary run of the mill hot chocolate. You actually taste real chocolate! This is different to the mass produced powdered varieties. Its so rich - almost to rich - and tastes like liquid chocolate. However, despite constant swirling it was still a bit to thick and rich to actually finish it all.
Koko Black has some great options for dining in as well. You can sit either inside or outside. They have great chocolates and other treats. Prices aren't cheap but you get great quality and service. 
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