Home Thai
Shop 1-2, 299 Sussex St
Sydney CBD

This place has been on the radar for a while now so it was good to finally get there and test it out with D, N, Z, W, T and M. We started with fresh spring rolls that were filled with cucumber, tofu, bean sprouts, egg and chinese sausage served with sweet tamarind sauce and shredded crab on top. Wow - these are amazing and were only $9.90 a serving.

Next came the Thai fish cakes. These are a standard Thai dish but they still tasted great. They had the usual blend of fish and red chilli paste and they came garnished with cucumber, peanut, onion and chili sauce. They disappeared quickly and were only $8.90 a serving.

We also had a serving of pad c ew. The spelling is different to how I've normally seen it but the dish was very tasty. It consisted of fresh rice sheet noodles wok tossed in a soy sauce with chinese broccoli. At $8.90 its a steal.

We then moved on to the pla goong. This was unique and tasty. The dish is made up of prawns, onion, shallot, mint, coriander, lemongrass, lime leaf, chili jam with special chef’s dressing (the dressing that is - not the chef). It looked unusual but tasted fantastic. This one cost $13.50.

The kao rad pik khing - or crisp pork belly stir fried with chili, lime leaf, green bean and pik khing sauce on rice - was amazing. For me this was the pick of the meals (and not just because I chose it!). I just love crisp pork belly - and this was delicious. It came with rice (I would have liked more pork) but at only $9.90 it was a bargain.
Another must have dish at any Thai restaurant is of course satay chicken skewers. These were marinated in curry powder and served with cucumber and the must have peanut sauce. At only $9.90 a serve it was again good value for a tasty treat.

You really cant go to a Thai restaurant and not get pad Thai - so we got it! We had chicken pad Thai which was described in the menu as a traditional Thai wok tossed noodle dish, with rice noodles, prawns or chicken, egg and tamarind sauce. Served with fresh lemon, peanuts & bean sprouts it costs $9.90. We all liked it but didn't think it was their best dish - there are better pad Thai's elsewhere even though it was still fine here.

The unusual and very tasty sai groog isan was great. It was described as a homemade Thai sausage traditionally from the eastern part of Thailand, grilled and served with fresh ginger and vegetables. The sausage was very tasty with a unique flavour that was very morish. At $9.90 a serving it was again decent value.

The very tasty pu nim yum mamuang added some crunch to the meal. This delicious deep fried soft shell crab was served with a tangy and oh so tasty mango salad. It was a clean crisp combination that went so well - and went so quickly too. At $15.50 it was well priced for soft shell crab - particularly as there was plenty of crab on the plate.

The decor here is nice. It has a feel to it that is very similar to Chat Thai - and perhaps that's what they were trying for anyway. If it was they succeeded. It does seem a bit less crammed than Chat Thai though.
A bottle of Two in the Pouch Shiraz Cab Sav disappeared quickly and at only $28.00 it was decent value as well.

Home Thai is great. The food is excellent, the service fast and friendly and the prices cheap. Its a hit in my books!

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