El Loco
64 Foveaux St
Surry Hills

This is one lively place. Its got a busy industrial Mexican cantina feel to it - kind of like a combined workshop feel with a cheap and cheerful Mexican mess hall. Its not in the busy part of Surry Hills but everyone seems to find it - its gets full very quickly and finding table space is a challenge - but everyone seems happy sharing tables if there's space.
This place is crowded and noisy and full of people in their 20's - but the food is cheap and good so its no wonder its busy. We started with corn chips with guacamole and salsa. It was a decent serving too - with ample tubs of both salsa and guacamole and only costing $5. Interesting twist with coriander in the salsa which Sir liked but Mlady didn't love. The guacamole was nice without a big hit to it - so it probably suited most people that way.

Main number one was the fish torta sandwich (the Mexican version of a fillet of fish - but better) comprising grilled fish served on a soft bun with cabbage, coriander, spring onion, mayonnaise and pico de gallo salsa.

It wasn't huge and could have been cooked a bit more but was very tasty and for only $12 it was good value. It was devoured completely - every last drop!

Main number two was al pastor pork torta sandwich comprising grilled marinated pork from the spit served on a soft bun with cabbage, coriander, spring onion, mayonnaise and pico de gallo salsa. Again not a huge serving but for a mere $10 you just couldn't complain. The pork was oh so tender and the flavours combined perfectly.

The table numbers just cannot be missed - a huge cactus nearly a metre tall with a painted number on it - fitted the theme perfectly and was quirky and memorable.

Be carefull of the hooks all along the walls when you lean back - you could be impaled. Also check carefully if you go into the toilets - they have skeletons on the doors and its hard to tell which one is which - we had a lot of fun watching people rush out of the wrong room with a terrified look on their face!

El Loco is a great place to drop in for a quick, cheap and tasty meal. The service was very fast and very friendly - great actually. The food was just as good as the service. If you're planning to spend the night there be prepared for some noise and crowds.

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