Rang Mahal Indian Restaurant
Shop 39/78-81 Beecroft Rd
Epping NSW 2121
Phone: 02 9869 8026

This is a very pleasant little restaurant in the heart of Epping. The decor is sophisticated and the food is very tasty. If your in the area give it a go - you wont be disappointed.

We started with papadams which came promptly accompanied by extremely nice minted yoghurt - we devoured the lot! and secretly wished for more of the minted yoghurt.

We then moved on to a mixed entree for two people - shown on the menu as a Rang Mahal Platter. This was basically a meal in itself containing two each of chicken tikka, reshami kebab, vegetable pakora and samosa. The chicken was so tender and juicy it melted in the mouth. The reshami kebabs were tangy and had a kick to it. The pakoras and the samosas were tasty too, but the highlight was the chicken tikka - amazing.

The first main course was Prawn Nariyal Malabari - described in the menu as coconut prawn curry tempered with curry leaves. Its a mild dish which was all we were looking for this night. There were plenty of plump juicy prawns in it (around 7 or 8 I think) and they were cooked perfectly. The sauce was delicious too - we finished the lot (and it was a struggle cause we were so full).
Main number two was Peanut Beef descibed on the menu as beef curry with peanut sauce. We have to confess to not having tried this before but it was great. It was a bit like an Indian version of massaman beef - as the meat was in decent chunks and just dissolved when eaten. The peanut curry was thick and tasty and there was plenty of it.

Both the curries were served in dishes over a stand with a warming tealight. This looked great and worked well.
A double serve of plain rice followed.
And of course the required naan breads - two of them each cut into four pieces.

Rang Mahal was surprisingly good. We loved our meal and will be back again.

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