Short/Sharp: Sydney North/North West/Northern Beaches Places Visited

Some of the places:

  1. Absolute Thai - Hornsby - If you're in the area its worth going here. Pleasant outdoor setting (although there's a bit of space inside as well) with live music and really good food with good sized servings. It's BYO too. This is a really decent Thai restaurant - one of the best in Sydney's north. Its ealways popular but doesn't seem to have hit the radar much yet in terms of reviews.
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  2. Taxim Chinese Restaurant - Hornsby - Solid lunchtime Yum Cha restaurant (or normal Chinese for dinner) on the outside of Westfield at Hornsby. Can eat indoors or outside.
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  3. Blu Water Grill - Hornsby - Pleasant place. Prompt service and decent food. Nice outlook to the water fountain. See Review.
  4. Gelatisimo - Hornsby - Typical assorted gelato. Nice for dessert after dinner nearby in Hornsby.
  5. Sawasdee - Wahroonga - Very nice Thai food from a local institution that's hidden from many due to its location around the corner from the main shops. Always consistently good food.
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  6. Lee Central Park Chinese Restaurant - Thornleigh - Good suburban Chinese food. It always reliable in terms of quality, quantity and service. We go there regularly.
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  7. Jai ho Indian Restaurant - Turramurra - Good Indian food but because of its popularity it can be busy and a bit slow at times. Still doesn't stop us going back there time and time again though. The food is always reliably good - and the parking is easy in the carpark behind the place.
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  8. Creative Gourmet Pizza Cafe - Turramurra - Tasty pizza's for eat in or take away. The eat in facilities are basic but its at least a room behind the take away area so its private and its good for groups. The pizza's are very good though from this hidden place.
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  9. Peter Pan Pizzeria - Crows Nest - Not just pizza here. Does decent pasta as well and a nice place to eat al fresco on a balmy night. The service is fast, freindly and efficient and the food is not only good - but good value too.
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  10. Kam Fook - Chatswood - Possibly the best yum cha on the north shore.
    Big but always very busy.
  11. Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant - Chatswood - A bit more expensive than your average suburban Chinese restaurant but the food is better here. If its a quality Chinjese meal you're after around Chatswood then this should be on your hit list.
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  12. Epitome Cafe Restaurant - Lane Cove - Pleasant place with nice mezze and tasting plates. Can eat upstairs or downstairs inside or can eat al fresco. Its a good place to share food.
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  13. Bellini's Fine Italian Restaurant - St Ives - Food was good. Portions were decent (but not huge).
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  14. Max Brenners - St Ives - Good for a calorie hit (as all Max Brenner places are) but gets very crowded and slow at night on weekends - so be prepared to wait quite a while. Always grab a table first - they go quickly.
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  15. Thai Tucka - Gordon - Nice food - good service and pleasant although standard surroundings. Has tough competition in Gordon now with Season Thai just down the road.
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  16. Manly Wharf Hotel - Manly - Decent pub food but sooooo crowded on a
    Sunday afternoon/evening in warm weather. Its a big place but there is sometimes table space on a busy night right at the back - inside. The food is quite nice though - good pizza's too.
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  17. Ben and Jerry's - Manly - Some great varieties for this pricey but oh so tasty icecream. Try the chunky monkey - but in reality they are all good. Can get busy on a Friday or Saturday night and you may need to queue - but its worth it..
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  18. GPK - Castle Hill - Nice pizza's but the place can get a bit overcrowded and noisy. You can eat inside or outside - and on a pleasant day it can be a bit worm in either spot. The twists are a good entree but they are more substantial and filling that you may expect so if you order a few of these you may need to adjust your pizza orders for mains. Pizza's we've had an enjoyed are Phuket, Guatemala, Jakarta and Nova Scotia. All were good.
    Gourmet Pizza Company on Urbanspoon
  19. Max Brenners - Castle Hill - Like the other Max Brenners - good for a chocolate hit with tasty treats but very crowded on a weekend evening so be prepared to wait - possibly for quite a while.
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  20. Thai Break - North Ryde (Macquarie Centre) - Not bad Thai for a shopping centre. Decent sized serves. Ambience is ok but not amazing.
  21. Citi Grill - Ryde (Top Ryde City) - Solid food in pleasant piazza. Decent sized serves. I know some others have had problems here but our meal was respectable when we went.
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  22. New Shanghai - Chatswood - Nice place to grab a quick bite. Enjoyed the shallot pancakes and some pork buns. I would certainly go back there again.
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  23. Hornsby RSL Bistro - Hornsby - Its a bistro in a big club and it has the usual good variety and decent prices you'd expect. The specials were good value too.
  24. Mad Mex - Castle Hill - We went here with the singer and his lovely lady and left full and satisfied. You order at the counter and for many of their dishes they prepare it right in front of you before you pay. The servings are substantial, the flavours combine well, the meats are tender and the sauces are tangy and tasty. They are also licenced here as well although their drink list is quite limited.
    Mad Mex (Castle Towers Shopping Centre) on Urbanspoon
  25. Blackout - Lindfield - Popped in on a Tuesday night recently to have a drink and listen to some music. This is an intimate place with an interesting menu and some decent drinks available as well. It was extremely pleasant - the main music was great and there were some of the other performers were pretty good in between on open-mic. We're keen to go back and try the food now. The place has real atmosphere.
    The Blackout Cafe on Urbanspoon
  26. Blue Gum Hotel - Waitara - Nice place for a decent pub meal. You order from the meal counter and get a buzzer and go back to get your meal when its ready. A lot of standard pub meals available from schnitzels and steaks through to some other more adventurous offerings. The food is decent quality and the servings are a good size. You don't have to wait long either - even when its busy.
    The Blue Gum Hotel on Urbanspoon
  27. Criniti's - Manly - We wandered by here after a lovely dinner somewhere else and spied the revolving gelato display. We were pretty full but just couldn't resist looking closer and by then we wanted one! A lot of other people were doing the same thing. Criniti's is a big, sprawling place that was very busy - but it was a Saturday night. We grabbed our single gelato's in cones and wandered off. They were actually very nice and decent value at around $4.00 each. Mlady had vanilla and I had the stracciatella. I think I liked mine more than Mlady liked hers but they were both decent sized servings and tasted good. We can't comment on the rest of the food as we only had gelato. It was very busy there though which can be a good or bad thing.
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  28. Armeros Eatery - Hornsby (old side) - We popped in to Armeros Eatery with a group for dinner recently. With a group it can sometimes be hard to find something for everyone but there was plenty to choose from here. The food is Italian - plenty of pasta and pizzas. We were pleasantly surprised - it was good food at decent prices - and its byo too! Would we eat there again - in short - yes. Finding a place with good food, good service and good prices isn't always that easy!
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  29. Fox Cafe - Wahroonga - A local favourite that serves breakfast and lunch most days of the week. They open quite early too for a coffee starter if you're up at those hours! It's good coffee too!
    Fox Cafe on Urbanspoon
  30. Karoo & Co - Wahroonga - New kid on the block in Wahroonga and getting a decent sized following quite quickly as well. They serve Napolitan style pizza as well as a limited range of other dishes and starters. They also do breakfasts as well and get a good crowd there on weekends for the first meal of the day.
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  31. Thornleigh Curry House - Thornleigh - Been here a few times to eat in - and we've also had take away as well. Popular place that serves pretty good food in decent sized servings at reasonable prices - so it ticks the boxes for a quick meal.
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  32. Zacs Great Food - Thornleigh - The name actually says it all - even if it's a little in your face. The food here actually is really good - and at exceptionally good prices. They do a four or five course feast for about $25 to $35 from memory. Decent quantities and good service are also there in spades. This is a great place and an absolute bargain as well.
    Zac's Great Food on Urbanspoon
  33. Belmonte Pizza - Pennant Hills - We love this place. It's been around for a million years and it's an institution. You can't miss the upside down Belmontes sign. A must have is the thick pan pizza - and it is thicker then you'll get anywhere else - think four inches or more! They have a small downstairs area and a larger upstairs area. It's open late too for those midnight munchies!
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  34. Carlingford Bowling Club - Carlingford - Yes its a bowling club and yes you kind of know what to expect. That's not a bad thing though. They have a diverse menu here and the servings are big and the prices are decent. Again - not a bad thing!
    Carlingford Bowling Club on Urbanspoon
  35. Thai Tables 2 - Thornleigh - Ate in here a few weeks ago. The food came quickly and tasted good. The serving sizes were pretty good as well - we left quite full. The food quality was pretty good too - nicely plated and they even took time to decorate the plates which added appeal. We left quite content and pleasantly surprised.
    Thai Tables 2 on Urbanspoon
  36. Chefs Noodle - Hornsby - Love this place. The food tastes great and the serving sizes are huge. It's popular so it gets busy but things still seem to move at a reasonable pace just the same. Prices are low too so it's excellent value!
    Chef's Noodle on Urbanspoon
  37. Lotus Inn - Wahroonga - This place has been around for decades. That's a pretty good sign that they're doing a few things right. Having eaten here quite a few times over many years the food has always been good. It's fairly typical Chinese - but that's not a bad thing because they do it well. It's a well respected local place for a decent meal.
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  38. India Tea and Curry House - Turramurra - This is a pretty big place and yes it is part of a group but that's probably a sign that people like their food. Have eaten there a few times and it's good food. With two different Indian restaurants next door to each other it's a tough market but they always seem to have a regular client base.
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  39. The Station - Wahroonga - Only had coffee here so far which was nice. The place has plenty of people almost all the time so they are hitting the mark from all appearances. Seems like solid cafe style food and the service was very good.
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  40. Hotel Pennant Hills - Pennant Hills - Dropped in to the popular and long lasting Hotel Pennant Hills for a beer and a lite dinner after yet another busy weekend! Haven't been here for ages and boy has it come a long way. It was busy - and most people were there to eat. They have a big menu full of variety. Wanted the ribs but decided on a grilled halloumi and whiskey fig salad, made with pumpkin, chick peas, semi dried tomato, red onion, roquette, mixed baby lettuce and dressed with an aged balsamic vinaigrette. It was huge - much bigger than expected - and great value too. Also listened to some great live music too from AJ The Piano Man - such a pleasant evening!
    Hotel Pennant Hills Bistro on Urbanspoon
  41. Javalava - Pennant Hills - Javalava is perched on a busy corner in Pennant Hills. It has a small outdoor area at the front and a rear deck area - as well as the larger indoor space where most people end up. You order at the counter and pay then take your number to your table. It's kind of like Max Brenner's - focussing on coffee, chocolate and sweets, although they do have some breakfast and lunch options. We tend to have coffee and some banana bread and it has always been reasonably good. They do make a very good hot chocolate.
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