Dumplings & Co
Westfield Hornsby
236 Pacific Highway
Hornsby, Sydney

We were hitting the shops on a weekend, a pastime half the country observes, and the hunger pains started to arrive. What to do ….. eat obviously. Our wanderings brought us to Dumplings & Co and the decisions were temporarily complete.

image4 (7).jpeg

Next decision - what to choose? Yes we wanted dumplings, but there were some other things that sounded pretty good too. Nevertheless, we did start with a serving of prawn dumplings. These are possibly the most popular dumpling filling going around and we almost always include them. They were nice too - with a good filling of prawns that went well with the chilli garlic sauce we dipped them in.

image2 (26).jpeg

While Peking duck pancakes aren’t even close to being dumplings they are hard to resist. So we didn’t. A serving of four already wrapped pancakes arrived quickly and also disappeared quickly. They were tasty too.

image2 (27).jpeg

We then moved on to a serving of Xiao Long Bao. These pork meatball and soup filled dumplings are a favourite of Sirs. You do have to be careful when eating them as the hot soup can cause problems to the unprepared.

image2 (28).jpeg

Our final dish was probably the favourite of the meal for Sir - honey soy eggplant. These crispy battered pieces of eggplant coated in a sweet gooey sauce were very tasty. It was also a surprisingly big serving too.

image2 (29).jpeg

The steady flow of people in and out shows not only that dumplings are popular but that this place is too. We left satisfied and full which is what we wanted.

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