Meat District Co
Shop R3 (on the Promenade)
11 King St Wharf, Sydney

King Street Wharf is such a pretty location and Meat District Co is one of the newest additions there and already looks set to stay for the long haul.

As the name obviously suggests, it's a meatery, although to be fair there are plenty of choices on the menu for those that like no meat, a little or a lot! Mlady is probably in the "a little" category while Sir is "a lot - or more". By daylight the views are spectacular out across the water of Darling harbour, and by night the lights come out and the sparkles shine all night long.

Meat District Co is an indoor/outdoor venue with plenty of promenade level al fresco seating as well as a smallish promenade indoor area and a larger indoor area upstairs. It actually fits in a surprising number of people.

Drinks time for starters (of course)!!! We chose a couple of really nice ones (well if the truth be told we were fortunately guided to try these).  Sir of course had rum - in this case a Spiced Orange Mojito. He loved this variation on the classic - made from Caribbean Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum paired w. muddled lime, orange, mint and raw sugar, topped with crushed ice and a dash of soda.It also looked spectacular too - turning a few heads from nearby tables. Mlady had the colourful Watermelon Caipiroska made from muddled watermelon, limes, raw sugar and Smirnoff vodka that is then strained and served short over crushed ice and then finally garnished with watermelon and a lime twist.

Ever had bone marrow to eat?

It's quite a unique treat - as a nibble of course because there isn't usually a lot of it.

On this occasion though it was a decent sized serving of roasted bone marrow with garlic, parsley, mustard seeds and chilli served with bread. The marrow was delicious with great flavours and the bread made this entree quite substantial.

The interesting dishes continued with a compressed grilled watermelon salad with sumac, goat cheese and hazelnut. Compressing the watermelon and squeezing a bit of the liquid out ensures it holds together when grilled. It's a great combo!

If you're a truffle-aholic like Sir then also like him you'll love the truffle fries, truffle salt, truffle Parmesan and truffle aioli. It's a truffle lovers heaven!

Who doesn't like a good burger? Mlady is quite the fan of them to be honest.

After deciding to have a burger the next challenge was - which one?

After what seemed like an age she finally decided on the cheese burger.

It was made from a MDC (Meat District Co) beef patty with bacon, aged cheddar, caramelised onions, mixed greens, tomato, pickles and house sauce.

It was so full that it needed a skewer to hold it all together but Mlady handled it with aplomb! The verdict - juicy meat, nice salad, tasty sauce and great flavour combination. She enjoyed it.

Sir was after meat - and as it was Meat District Co - he was after plenty of it!

He chose the massive ribs and sirloin combo - meat eaters heaven with sirloin fillet and a half rack of pork ribs with a choice of fries or side salad and a pot of sauce.

The meat was beautiful, with the steak perfectly medium rare as ordered and juicy and tender and the the meat on the ribs fell off the bones.

A rich tart to end the evening - sounds good.

The caramel tart was made from MDC's caramel filling, salted caramel popcorn, crushed peanuts and banana gelato.

This dessert looked spectacular with the large rectangular shell full to the top with flowing caramel. Scattered across it was a good quantity of caramel popcorn and the banana gelato gave it all a banoffee feel.

We also decided to try the Classic Affogato - well Mlady did. She's quite the affogato fan and certainly wasn't disappointed with this one! The high glass looked great and it all went well together. 

Meat District Co offers plenty for the meat lover, but also caters really well for those who don't want to much. Service is very friendly and helpful and the location is amazing!

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Meat District Co and the Platinum Restaurant Group.  Thanks to Andrea and Steph for looking after us so professionally and nicely. Special thanks also to Fallon Gomesz for inviting us and arranging our visit.

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