238 Castlereagh St
Sydney CBD

We're not sure what to say about Alpha that won't sound like a cliche. This place has it all. Great atmosphere, lovely food and drinks, attentive service and reasonable prices.

People are discovering this treasure and this probably explains why they are opening longer and for more days - they simply have to, due to demand including weekend lunches and now even breakfasts!

It feels like you are back in ancient Greece - except the restaurant is far more comfortable in reality. It's open and airy with tables well spaced so you aren't sitting on top of each other. It's an extensive menu as well with dishes that are designed to share. However be warned - not everyone wants to share once they try these tasty goodies.

We started with a selection of dips as you would hope for and expect at a Greek restaurant - and they were great. We had taramosalata - white cods roe dip rather than the usual pink one, organic chickpea hommos - tahini, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, melitzanosalata - a smoked eggplant dip and   tirokafteri - sheep's milk fetta, chilli, red pepper dip.

Throw in a pile of fresh pita bread and you have a great start to a Greek feast!

We both love falafel - it's a staple in Greek cuisine and a must order for us. The chickpea falafel with coriander yoghurt looked spectacular and tasted just as good. They were crisp on the outside and fluffy inside and the coriander yoghurt offset them perfectly.

We also had a good sized serving of baked Kalamata olives. As expected (or hoped for) they arrived warm and were delicious.

Who loves halloumi? We love halloumi! The delicious halloumi saganaki with ouzo, lemon and oregano was tasty, soft and packed with flavour!

This dish looked great and tasted just as good!

The ouzo cured ocean trout was equally as good. It came with fennel, orange, watercress and sumac onions and was topped with a garnish of cherry tomatoes.

Possibly the dish of the day for me was the spanakopita. This is a spectacular dish in both appearance and taste. Mlady loves spinach and loved this. I love pastry and also loved it. This could be a meal on its own if you wanted. Its is basically a spinach pie made here with leeks, fetta and dill. The unique moussaka of eggplant, seared scallops and taramosalata is another signature dish that wows everyone. It's a unique take on moussaka that was very colourful and tasty.

Moving on to more treats we then had the octopus twice cooked with spinach, white beans and red wine vinaigrette. This was beautifully seared but yet still tender.

Then came a must have at any Greek restaurant - the Greek spiced slow roasted lamb shoulder with lemon roast potatoes and tzatziki. The lamb was certainly very tender and we had such a generous serving as well!

Salads are probably not the first dish ordered at most Greek feast and yet they are often very tasty.

This one was just that.

The horiatiki salad was made with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onions, Kalamata olives and of course fetta.

It was an enormous slab of fetta too - plenty to go around!

Dessert was a pleasant surprise. The lovely and refreshing ice cream with a long filo pastry stick and raspberries looked great and had a subtle combination of flavours that worked so well.
However the dessert highlight for me was undoubtedly the loukoumadis. These delicious Greek doughnuts came with spiced honey syrup and candied walnut ice cream - Mlady said she could have kept eating this and so could I !

Alpha is a restaurant that ticks all the boxes. It has a spectacular atmosphere - the whole experience is elegantly reminiscent of Greece. The quality is exceptional - this food is just so good and the prices are very reasonable! No wonder it's becoming so popular.

Sir and Mlady dined as guests of Alpha. Special thanks to Wasamedia for inviting us - thanks George and Gemma!

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